Bob, Lob or Wob...What’s Your Pick This Coming Winter?

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I’m sure by now you’re all aware of the bob trend that’s practically consumed red carpets in the past two years, more so that we’ve seen an expansion of the middle length style with celebs like Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson repping the low-maintenance, transitional hairdo. For those who aren’t entirely familiar with the current ‘bob’, ‘lob’ hair vernacular, here’s a quick breakdown...

  • The bob – a sleek or shaggy chin-length cut often accompanied with straight-cut bangs. Think of it as the OG of short dos. 
  • The lob, beauty slang for ‘long bob’, is generally shoulder-length and worn in a sleek and polished style or in soft, overnight curls. In short, the lob is basically the sexier and more boujee sibling of the conventional bob. 
  • The wob – short for "wavy bob" is basically the unruly middle child of the three. The wob is that popular girl in school you desperately want to be friends with cause she just oozes a laid-back swagger that you envy. 
The one surprising thing about Hollywood's eruption of mid-length manes is that despite their overexposure, they’ve surpassed what we initially thought would be a fad phase and have transitioned into a classic hairdo for young women all-round. One of the greatest perks that comes along with the dramatic chop is the upkeep, which is a breeze when compared to longer and layered hairstyles. However, don’t take this as a pass to neglect your locks as they’ll still require a little tender, love and care.
Below we round-up 3 essential hair styling and maintenance tips courtesy of my friends at L’Oréal... 

Cool Curls like Rihanna. 
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The best way to get stylish waves like Ri is by ditching the hair brush and rather using your hands to create distressed and bouncy waves. Apply volumising mousse to damp hair, blow-dry and then use your fingers as a comb. Also make sure to scrunch your hair in your hands while drying, as this will help mould a sexy and distressed bed-hair effect. End off by shaping soft waves with a curling iron.

Try L'ORÉAL Elnett Satin Crème De Mousse (R84.95 at Clicks). 

Or L'ORÉAL Elvive Styliste Mousse Extra Volume (R89.95 at Clicks). 

Sleek & Straightforward like Kim Kardashian. 
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Get a straight, polished bob or lob by applying a sleekening styling balm from your mid-lengths down to your tips. Blow-dry with an oval brush and finish off by flat-ironing your hair. If your hairdo requires a little moisture boost, spritz some dry oil for a glossy and healthy-looking sheen.

Side Swept like Kefiboo. 
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Style your side-swept waves by first air-drying your hair and then misting texturising spray to sustain and soften your natural curls. After that, use a curling iron to create loose beachy waves that'll help build a little body underneath your side-sweep. Seal your locks with a dry texturising spray to sustain your hair’s body and bounce.

L'ORÉAL Hair Expertise Texturising Mineral Salt Spray (R179.95 at Clicks).

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