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I never knew this day would come!

If you haven't visited the NYX counters recently (at select Clicks stores), please do  cause you'll find a whole lot of new and exciting product launches. For those who are die-hard NYX fans like myself and know the brand's product catalogue through and through, just an FYI: their Dream Catcher eyeshadow palettes, Highlight and Contour PRO palettes, Wonder Stick pencils, Liquid Suede lippies, eyeshadow singles, brow pomades, Slide On pencils, High Definition blushers, colour-correcting concealer palettes and their compact powder foundations...are all now available in South Africa.

I visited the V&A Waterfront Clicks branch four weeks ago and the NYX station was heavily stocked. One of the sales assistants informed me that any products that are sold out are usually restocked within two weeks, which is amazing. So if you don't manage to find a product you're looking for, just be patient, you'll get your hands on it eventually. Also, you can now place orders through Clicks' website HERE or just call your Clicks store regularly for updates, and if they do have stock of an item they'll gladly keep it aside for you until the end of the day.

A few items to keep an eye out for:

1. Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator (R145.95 at Clicks).


I use this to highlight my skin once I've finished applying and powdering my foundation. It creates the most beautiful golden strobes that leave your complexion with a dewy and shimmery glow. I generally apply this over three areas: along my cheekbones (over my blush), down the bridge of my nose and over my brow bones (just below the arch of the brow). If you're really into that bronze or golden makeup glow that's often popularised around summertime, this is great to use to achieve that look. This is a liquid highlighter that doesn't require any fancy tools or brushes to apply; just dab it on with your fingertips and you're good.

2. Lip Lingerie (R149.95 at Clicks)

The ultimate matte liquid lipstick; NYX's Lip Lingerie is finally here. These are available in a range of flattering soft-brown nude shades  yes, I'm talking about those Instagram-trendy nude colours every crazed makeup lover wants on their lips. These apply creamy then, after a few seconds, set to a matte finish. I personally love these but I've had friends who've found them to be too matte. If you love non-fading lipsticks that can't be kissed off, GET THESE cause their long-lasting wear is next level. However, if you do find that these lipsticks feel a little uncomfortable or dry after a few hours, next time you wear them apply a good amount of lip balm first (like Maybelline's Baby Lips) so your lips have a bit of moisture and nourishment underneath the colour.

Also try, their Full Throttle Lipsticks (R124.95 at Clicks).

These are also matte but more comfortable to wear. Their colour impact is not as intense as the Lip Lingeries and not as long-lasting but, in terms of texture, they're a lot lighter than liquid lipsticks. The Full Throttle range also has a wider colour choice  you'll find dark, bright and nude shades so there's a better variety to choose from as opposed to the Lip Lingerie collection.

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