My Meltproof Makeup Secrets

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Ever paint your face so flawlessly before a long-awaited turn-up yet somehow by midnight your foundation and pristine contours are suddenly migrating down your face? It’s a struggle most of us can’t seem to kick but it might just be your makeup routine that’s to blame. Before you even pick up your foundation, also ensure that (1) you've applied an oil or pore-minimising face primer and (2) you have a long-lasting setting spray in arm's reach to help seal your makeup look.
For those who don't own any of these two products, I suggest you consider adding them to your makeup stash, as jointly these two beauty buys really do wonders in preventing your makeup from having an epic meltdown.
1 Why is a skin-perfecting primer so crucial? 

Applying primer is a common missed step in most beauty lovers’ makeup routines. There’s the assumption that all primers are unnecessary and "a waste of cash. " But believe me when I say that when they're used correctly, they can do a lot for your foundation's wear and finish. Face primers or 'makeup bases' come in various forms; the most popular being oil-minimising formulas (usually transparent gel-like formulas with a silky-soft matte finish) as well as pore-reducing primers (a godsend for those who desire an even and flawless skin canvas before applying their face makeup).

In my kit...

  • NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer (R210 at Clicks)
  • MAYBELLINE Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (R89.95 at Clicks)

These are two affordable makeup bases that work significantly well. Both are pore-erasing primers so essentially what they do is help 'blur' large pores and other face imperfections. Also, both primers are successful in minimising shine as they absorb excess oils on the surface of your skin, leaving you with a matte, shine-free skin finish that ultimately extends your foundation's wear. 

Tip: Once you've applied your primer, use a beauty sponge to blend foundation over your face in light or thin layers for flawless makeup coverage.

Primer tips to keep in mind...

Coloured primers are heaven sent
promise you they won’t cause your foundation to look green or orange. These are actually worth buying as their multi-functional  they help prep your skin for makeup application, while neutralising and colour-correcting any areas of concern. So if redness is a huge issue for you, a green-tinted primer will help fade this. Peach primers, on the other hand, are amazing for diminishing dark bags under the eyes.
2 Why is a setting spray so important?

Consider this: a makeup setting spray is kind of like a hairspray but for your face  it seals your makeup in place, as a hairspray would for your hair, ensuring that your face makeup stays in place for hours on end.

One of my all-time favourite setting sprays is Urban Decay's De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray  a must buy for those whose t-zone's tend to break out into an oil slick by lunch time; I mean it is called 'de-slick' for a reason (smart move UD!). If you've never tried this particular finishing spray, I'm about to sell it to you in 45 seconds:

  1. It's incredibly lightweight and super-absorbent – you barely feel it on your skin as you spray it on.
  2. It's an oil-reducing formula so it controls oil and diminishes shine on your skin. Once you've powdered your face after your foundation application, mist this over and it'll not only sustain your foundation's matte finish, but it'll also prevent your makeup from settling into any fine lines on your face. When I use this spray, my makeup tends to last from 9am to 4pm with no touch ups needed during that period; and what's surprising is that my coverage remains more or less the same in those 7 hours. And my colleagues can attest to this as many of them wonder how my makeup still looks good after a day-long work shift, but I promise you this finishing spray helps a great deal. 
  3. It also contains 'Temperature Control Technology' – in less 'fancy' words, it has cooling properties, which effectively reduce 'the temperature of your makeup', preventing your face makeup from softening and melting.
If melting makeup is a recurring problem for you, incorporate these products into your makeup routine and let me know how it goes.

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