2 Makeup Looks to Try with Your Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette

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Those who follow Maybelline's international Instagram account (@maybelline) have probably seen quite a few beauty products on there that are yet to be available in SA – mainly their lip and eye shadow palettes. Truthfully, palettes don't sell as well in South Africa, which is why many brands don't prioritise them as much. However, with platforms like Instagram where palettes are popularised quite extensively, there's now a growing demand for them locally. And Maybelline South Africa has recognised this, which is why from this month the brand will be releasing limited edition stock of their 'The Rock Nudes Eye Shadow Palette.'

This will be the first time ever that Maybelline will be bringing in an eye shadow palette to South Africa. BUT...yes, unfortunately there's a "but"...this will be an exclusive launch – a limited amount of palettes will be available for consumers and once they're sold out, they won't "be available for purchase again."
The Rock Nudes palette consists of 12 neutral shades in both shimmery and matte finishes; play around with its range of rosy pink and earthy eye shadow tones and sculpt out your own unique day or evening eye makeup looks.

For those who've managed to get their hands on the palette but are lacking a little inspiration, I created two simple evening looks for you to try. The first, a rocker-chic smokey eye and the second, a graphic blue cat's eye.

Photography: Gemma Mary Shepherd (Urbangem.co.za).
Model: Cindy Solomons from Fanjam Models.

I created this smokey eye using the two black eye shadows on the far right of the palette. One thing I have to pinpoint about the matte black shade is that it does produce a little fall-out, which typically does happen with most matte-textured eye shadows. So before applying, ensure that you layer eyeshadow primer onto your lids first. What an eyeshadow primer will do is absorb any oils sitting on the surface of your lids, creating a perfectly-matte canvas for your eye shadow to adhere to.

A few beauty tips to consider when recreating this look:
  1. Start sculpting your smokey eye from the outer corners of your lids and then blend the colour inwards. This is the best way to create that sultry, gradual fade that's typical of conventional smokey eye styles.
  2. Also, with this look, tightlining is vital – as black eye shadows tend to make your pinky waterlines (the pink just below your eyelashes) appear more prominent. So always line both your upper and lower lash line for a more polished eye makeup look.
With smokey eyes, it's always best to keep the rest of your face quite natural so that all the focus is on the eyes. To complete this look, ditch the blush and rather contour your cheeks with contouring powder; then finish off with a pink or champagne-tinted lip gloss to give your pout a slightly fuller appearance.

Photography: Gemma Mary Shepherd (Urbangem.co.za).
Model: Charmlyn Carelse from Twenty Model Management.

This is by far my favourite eye shadow shade from the palette – a shimmery dark blue.

A few beauty tips to consider when recreating this look:

  1. Apply the eye colour with an angled eyeliner brush first, using this to create and outline your graphic winged shape. Thereafter, fill the lids with colour using a flat eye shadow brush to do so.
  2. Once again, tightline the eyes – with either a black or dark blue kohl eye pencil. Much like the previous look, tightlining will help conceal the pinky flesh of your waterline and also make your lashes appear thicker.
Pair this look with a good amount of mascara (I used Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious) as well as striking cheek contours and neutral, glossy lips.

Now take a selfie and go show off your look!

*Special thanks to my friend Gemma Shepherd (IG: @gemmamaryshepherd) for shooting these beautiful stills. Check out her photography website HERE.

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