What Does Your Go-To Nail Polish Shade Say About You?

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Nail polish is probably one of the most sought after cosmetic staples out there  it's affordable, accessible and an easy way to adorn yourself with the season's latest and best colour trends. This may explain why nail polish is so easy to hoard, and I'm sure beauty junkies will agree with this sentiment. But despite having an immense nail varnish collection, there's always that one colour that gets "the special treatment"  the one you wear religiously regardless of the fact that you have 50 other shades on your cabinet shelf to choose from.

Have you ever considered that your nail colour favouritism or preferences may reveal a few secrets about your personality? Some call it 'colour psychology'  a conscious or unconscious selection of shades based on your character traits or on your mood at that moment. It's a pretty cool concept, right? The next few paragraphs of this post will break down the four most popular nail varnish options most women gear towards, and provide short descriptions of the character traits often affiliated with these hues.

Nudes or pinks

You find comfort in simplicity and harmony. You're an easy-going, no-fuss individual who's never really keen on pushing boundaries, taking risks or living on the edge. Anything eccentric or unconventional disinterests you, so you've most likely never owned or worn a neon nail polish in your life.


You're a bad b*tch, a little inappropriate to say, but you really are. You're bold, fearless, a risk-taker, hustler and very self-aware. You're the girl everyone envies and wants to be, mainly for four reasons: (1) your pronounced confidence in yourself, (2) your intelligence, (3) your good sense of humour, and (4) your IDGAF approach to life.


Anything traditional or classic is up your alley. You enjoy crisp and clean colours, which is often a reflection of your liking for organisation and neatness in everything you do.


You're artistic, stylish and a little mysterious, which makes sense, as you tend to choose unexpressive shades like black that don't really reveal much about who you are as a person. You're a fan of classic beauty and fashion styles, however you often reinterpret these with a little more sophistication and edge.

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*The stills above were photographed by Gemma Mary Shepherd. Check out her amazing fashion photography blog 'The Urban Gem' / www.urbangem.co.za.

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