Take the Quiz: Are You a Black Opium Girl?

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Once you hit your mid-20s, there’s a new-found pressure to get your shit together...in all aspects of life. This may include your career, relationships, friendships, finances and even minor things like having a signature scent. Yet, in your early 20s, you still find yourself in a department store spraying 15 different fragrances all over your arm, in an attempt to find one you genuinely like. For those who are still in the midst of this struggle, this post is about making the perfume-selection process a lot easier with a personalised perfume quiz.

Ever heard of Black Opium? The all-black, bedazzled fragrance bottle that also happens to be my all-time favourite perfume (yes, I'm putting in that promo)...you know, with the edgy, glam-rock TV ad that show's a model, with a pretty striking resemblance to Joan Jett, racing through a night-struck city? Yes? No? Well you've definitely walked past the fragrance a couple of times at your local Red Square or Woolies perfume stalls, but maybe never had time to try it out. 

So before you go and splurge on another fragrance, I've created a short and sweet personalised quiz that'll identify not only your fashion, beauty, food and other preferences but also reveal whether or not you're an underground Black Opium girl. 

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1. Your go-to cupcake flavour?
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A. Chocolate.
B. Vanilla.
C. Strawberry.

2. Pick an emoji...

A. Flower.
B. Skull.
C. Dancing queen.

3. Pick a lip colour...
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A. Nude.
B. Burgundy.
C. Pink

4. That album you still listen to on repeat?
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A. Dangerous Woman / Ariana Grande.
B. Anti / Rihanna.
C. 7/27 / Fifth Harmony.

5. Your street-style goals?
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A. Plaid, shorts and Tims.
B. All-black, mesh, faux fur and leather.
C. Body-con skirt, peep-toe heels and a statement blazer.

6. Your favourite Spice Girl?
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A. Sugar Spice.
B. Scary Spice.
C. Sporty Spice.

7. The wine you'd select on a drinks menu?
Qualitywinesandspirits.com / Woolworths.co.za / Bidorbuy.co.za.
A. Rose Wine.
B. Vanilla Chardonnay.
C. Red Wine.

8. Your favourite hot beverage?
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A. Tea.
B. Coffee.
C. Hot Chocolate.

9. Your cartoon spirit animal?
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A. Elsa.
B. Jane Lane.
C. Ariel.

10. Your friends would describe you as...
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A. Energetic and vibrant. 
B. Passionate and sultry. 
C. Easy-going and romantic. 

11. Your dream holiday destination?
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A. Hawaii.
C. Santorini.

If you selected mostly B's...

You’re an ORIENTAL and SPICY woman: Sensuality and glamour are notable character traits of yours and these extend to your perfume preferences. Much like your personality, you’ll opt for perfumes that are passionate and powerful – oriental aromas which are usually composed of sandalwood, white musk, mahogany, dark chocolate, pepper with soft hints of vanilla. Four of these notes are actually found in Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium Nuit Blanche EDT, in addition to orange blossom and rice – making it a perfect fragrance fit for you.
Photographed by Gemma Mary Shepherd / Urbangem.co.za
The first time I ever experienced YSL's Black Opium was last year when I was given the original EDP as a gift. Since then I've become bona fide Black Opium stan – I can't get enough of this fragrance. It's so addictive to a point where it's ruined all other perfumes for me, because till this day I've failed to find another brand fragrance that's just as good and alluring as Black Opium. I think it's the notes of coffee and vanilla that have me hooked; I honestly dare you to try it and tell me I'm wrong.

BLACK OPIUM Nuit Blanche EDP is available at Red Square for R855/30ml and R1174/50ml.
BLACK OPIUM EDP is available at Red Square for R855/30ml and R1174/50ml.

*The Black Opium stills above were photographed by Gemma Mary Shepherd. Check out her fashion blog The Urban Gem HERE.

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