L'Oreal's Brow Artist Sculpt Combines 3 Brow Products into One

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A good set of brows do wonders  they not only accentuate an eye makeup look but they also help frame the face. It's a well-known fact that thin brows actually age a face while thick and slightly 'unkempt' brows give women a more youthful appearance. This may explain why there's been such an upsurge of brow styling products as of late, as these make it easier for you to fake a fuller look while you regrow any over-plucked brow hairs.

If any of you have incredibly sparse eyebrows and have experienced difficulty in finding products that thicken, tint and define your brows while maintaining a natural appearance, I seriously recommend that you consider trying out L'Oreal's new Brow Artist Sculpt.

This is a small mascara-styled tube that's cleverly composed of a mash-up of three individual brow products – a brow sculpting felt tip, a bristle brow brush and a brow tint (situated inside the tube) – which work together to give you defined and fuller brows on-the-go.


1. I start off by using the felt tip to sculpt and even out the bottom line and the arch of the brow. Thereafter, I use it to shape out and extend the tail of the brow.

2. Next, you'll use the bristle brush to comb your brow hairs upwards. While doing so, the brow tint sitting in the bristles of the brush will actually fill in any gaps between your brow hairs with colour, giving you a thicker brow look in the end.


Better shape, definition and colour in just two steps.


You don't need any other additional brow styling buys or tools when using L'Oreal's Brow Artist Sculpt. Everything you need is in that one tube, which is why it's such a game-changer. What surprised me is that I didn't even use concealer to clean my model's brow at the end; the bristle brush neatly built and shaped her brow with zero mess around the edges.


L'Oreal's Brow Artist Sculpt is available in two shades: Blonde and Brunette, and will be launching soon at Clicks and Dischem branches at a recommended retail price of R149.95.

The stills above were photographed by Gemma Mary Shepherd / Urbangem.co.za.

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