Everything You Need to Know About Maybelline's New Makeup Launches!

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Last week I got to attend Maybelline and Essie's media events at the beautiful East City Studios in Cape Town, and of course I kept an eye and ear out for any product launches I knew you'd all be happy to hear about. Generally, the two products most makeup junkies get excited about are lipsticks and mascaras, and surprisingly, Maybelline is introducing just that this month  a range of liquid lipsticks as well as a new mascara called The Falsies Push Up Drama.

Colorsensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colours

This is the first matte liquid lipstick in Maybelline's global cosmetics range – a product that promises to combine the vivid and lasting colour of a matte finish lippie with the comfort of a traditional cream-textured lipstick. A commonly raised dilemma with classic matte lipsticks is 'discomfort', usually taking in the form of severe dryness of the lips. Yes, most matte lipsticks provide colour that doesn't shift or fade even after devouring a greasy Quarter Pounder burger, but most of the time these lipsticks can be quite uncomfortable on the lips and make dehydrated lips feel and look even worse. This is a concern Maybelline aimed to change with their new Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid lip coloursby offering consumers saturated lip colour with a matte finish that's actually bearable to wear.

I tested two shades from the ten-piece colour range, and I just want to give you all a thorough review on these...


The colour payoff is amazing!  I got solid colour coverage in just two swipes. Also, you'll love the lipstick applicators, which come in the form of thin rectangular brushes with curved edges, allowing you to line your lips with precision and ease (I didn't use any liner in the stills above). The formula itself is quite thick  think of a medium between creamy and mousse-y in texture but still weightless in feel; so ideally these lipsticks apply like silk and are super-comfortable to wear on your lips.


Even though these lipsticks claim to provide a matte finish, it doesn't really set to a "true" matte texture  i.e. flat with no shine. After 15 minutes sitting on my lips, the lip colour still remained in a slightly creamy texture  not as creamy as your traditional lipsticks but still soft.

Overall, Maybelline has succeeded in achieving their primary aim, which was to replicate the saturation of a vivid matte lip colour with the comfort of a cream lipstick.  Also, these liquid lippies are quite easy to remove  literally a cotton pad soaked with micellar water will do.


I'm wearing 'Nude Flush' and 'Electric Pink' in the stills above, but I'm dying to try 'Vivid Violet' (a beautiful cool purple) and 'Possessed Plum' (a mix between burgundy and plum).

*MAYBELLINE's Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colors are available now for R109.95 each.

The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

The first thought that popped into mind when I received this mascara was: will it be as equally amazing as Maybelline's cult mascara Lash SensationalAnd fortunately it was  it's the brush that makes this mascara worth buying.


The Falsies Push Up Drama (AKA your new favourite mascara) features a brush specifically designed to curl and lift your lashes, as opposed to just lengthening them. The bristles are short, widely-spaced, even in length and U-shaped. A brush design like this will do three things to your lashes:
  1. Coat each lash with the perfect amount of formula without causing any clumps.
  2. Separate your lashes individually, giving them a full fan effect.
  3. And lastly, gently curl and lift your lashes with every stroke. I mean it is called 'Push Up Drama' for a reason, as it literally acts like a push-up bra for your peepers.
Another great thing about this mascara is that it isn't available in just a true black tint, Maybelline is also offering buyers a 'brownish black' option for those who'd like a little lash drama but desire a more natural tinge or lash finish.

*MAYBELLINE The Falsies Push Up Drama is available now for R139.95. 

All the stills above were photographed by Gemma Mary Shepherd. Check out her amazing fashion blog THE URBAN GEM (www.urbangem.co.za).

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