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With the Instagram beauty community introducing a new and groundbreaking makeup technique every second week or so, I'm sure by now you all consider the art of 'strobing' as old news.

For those who are completely out-of-the-loop when it comes to latest beauty trends, simply put, strobing is an 'updated' or advanced form of highlighting. As I explained in one of my articles for Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa, it entails ditching 'the lowlights created by those dark, contouring tones you love and opting for only liquid and cream highlighters and luminous, pearl powders – which you’ll apply to the high points of your face.' The whole point of this technique is to enhance your facial features as opposed to contouring, which acts to change or alter them.

Essentially, strobing will give your complexion a slight radiance, leaving you with luminous facial features.
One completely unconventional method to create strobes on your skin is with lip gloss. No I'm not tripping, I've actually tried and tested this on a model and it worked quite well. What I love about this technique is the dewy finish it creates on skin. However, it must be noted that some lip gloss formulas can get a little sticky in texture, so I suggest only doing this over your cheek area and nowhere else.

Beauty tip: Choose a gloss with a pearly shimmer to it. For fair skin  pink or transparent glosses with silver shimmery pigments are best; and for darker complexions, gold or champagne-coloured lip glosses will create beautiful, dewy strobes on your skin.


1. Do your face makeup as normal and once you're done applying your foundation, powder your face. Always powder before you apply the lip gloss to your cheeks as doing so will reduce any excess oiliness on your skin. This is important because you don't want the gloss to emphasise any existing shine.

* Also, a powdered/matte base will allow the gloss to adhere better and consequently appear more visible. 

2. Apply the gloss along your cheekbones with a lip brush or with your lip gloss applicator.
3. Then, use your fingertips to dab, press and soften the gloss into your skin.

And that's it, super-easy to do.

Final tip, to enhance your cheek strobing further, apply a powder highlighter to your skin first and then follow up with your gloss.

* I used L'Oreal's Infallible Mega Gloss Xtreme Resist Finish in 'Resist Me' in the demonstration above, which is available at both Clicks and Dischem.

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Photographed by: Gemma Mary Shepherd /
Model: Ziyanda Ntloko.

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