L'Oreal's Infallible Mega Gloss Matte is Liquid Lipstick Done Right

11:33:00 AM

Photography: Gemma Shepherd / Makeup by me / Styling, fashion and accessories: Aneeqah Ganief.
I'm sure you've all heard of liquid lipsticks by now, which are currently all the rage in the beauty community – a trend that's garnered a great deal of attention thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills, a cosmetics brand that’s famed for their incredible liquid lip colours. 

Unfortunately, the brand isn’t sold in South Africa however with the growing demand of liquid lip shades in the country, quite a number of locally available brands have recently launched their own formulas. I've tried a few in the past (some came with their issues like intense dryness or discomfort on the lips) but one product that's really impressed me is L'Oreal's Mega Gloss Matte.

For those who aren't familiar with liquid lipsticks, and what differentiates them from standard lipstick tubes, these are lipsticks that appear like lip gloss when applied but then set to a velvet finish that's similar that of an ordinary matte lipstick. They come in packaging that resembles a lip gloss – usually a tube with a 'doe foot'-shaped applicator wand.

People love these for mainly one reason: the pigments in them are ridiculous – high-impact shades that don't fade.

I got L'Oreal's Mega Gloss Matte liquid lipstick in 'Forgive My Sin' as a gift about a month ago, and the first time I used it was on a model at a fashion shoot I did with two friends of mine Gemma Shepherd (urbangem.co.za) and designer Aneeqah Ganief. 

While swatching the lipstick, the first thing I noticed was how saturated the pigments are. It blew my mind. To put it into perspective for you, one single swipe provides the same level of intensity and colour you'd get from at least three coats of an ordinary lipstick. Also, the staying power is incredible  I didn't retouch our model's lips once during the course of the shoot...that's how good it is.

How to apply...

  1. I started off with some balm (this is vital especially when wearing matte formulas as it forms a moisture barrier over your lips preventing them from drying out underneath your lipstick. Also, lip balm stops the colour from staining the skin on your lips). 
  2. Using a lip pencil, I then over-lined our model's lips; so just outline your lips directly above your natural lip line.
  3. Thereafter, fill your lips completely with the lip pencil and once you've done this, apply the liquid lipstick until you have an even layer of colour.

You're probably wondering what difference overlining your lips will make? What it does is actually make your lips look bigger in the end. Here's a behind-the-scenes image from the shoot...

L’Oréal Infallible Mega Gloss in 'Forgive My Sin' is R149.95.

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