Dark and Lovely Fat Protein: The First Relaxer I've Tried that Did Not Burn

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This is not a hoax. It didn't burn for 20 minutes to be exact, which is really unusual for me as typically I start burning within the first 5 minutes of having my hair relaxed.
Since I began working in the beauty industry, I've learnt a great deal about hair – particularly afro and ethnic hair and the many ways we're unknowingly damaging our hair. Just think about the many women who go and have their hair relaxed at salons, and never query about the brand of relaxer that's being used by their stylist. A lot of the time these are extremely cheap relaxer tubs that are incredibly harsh on our scalps and roots, often bought by salons as a means of cutting costs. The downside of these relaxers are the consequences that come along with using them; typically, these formulas strip your hair's natural oils, minimising the strength and elasticity of your hair follicles, and as a result leaving you with not only one or two scalp burns but also weak, brittle, dead-straight hair that can often be a contributing catalyst for future hair loss.

One of the main concerns I've had with relaxers in the past is that they leave your hair with very little nourishment in the end. There was never a relaxer on shelves that, in addition to straightening your hair, actually helped restore any essential oils that were lost in the process. Oh and let's not forget one of the most crucial factors, a relaxer that didn't make your scalp feel like it was on fire after three minutes.

With Dark and Lovely's recently-launched Fat Protein range, I feel as if they've taken general consumer concerns into consideration, and created a product that meshes the benefits of a relaxer with complete hair protection and comfort (something that's incredibly vital for those with sensitive scalps).

For those who've walked past Dark and Lovely's Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer countless times at Clicks or Dischem shelves and were unsure whether to buy it or not, here's a quick summary on why it seriously stands out from other relaxer formulas...

It's the first relaxer ever that contains Fat Protein complex, a mineral that helps restore any moisture that's lost during the relaxing process. The perks of this is mainly the end result, which is straight hair with bounce, and most importantly, shine and volume. Usually after relaxing, our hair is left in a very dry state that then requires layers and layers of topical moisturisers to get some level of shine. This doesn't happen with Dark and Lovely's Fat Protein relaxer, as it really does succeed in not drying out your hair.

A few things I noticed when I gave it a test run:
  • It didn't burn at all. I swear I watched an entire episode of Modern Family without feeling a single itch or tingle on my scalp.
  • It was very easy to apply. No additional mixing, nothing. Just add it to your hair, smooth it out from roots to tips and you're done.
  • The Fat Protein Food Shampoo smells like a dream. I can't describe the scent; you'll just have to buy it to understand what I'm talking about. This shampoo is used to wash out the relaxer, and it helps neutralise your hair while providing additional nourishment and conditioning.

Dark and Lovely's Fat Protein Bodifying Relaxer is available on shelves now, with prices ranging from R27.95 to R99.95.
Dark and Lovely's Fat Protein Food Shampoo is R24.95.

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