Beauty Test Drive: Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundations

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The great thing about following numerous international beauty bloggers online is that often at times you can pick up on which makeup products are heavily promoted and favoured by the beauty community, particularly in the states and in the UK where some of the most recognised bloggers are based. 

One beauty buy that's generated quite a lot of hype recently, despite only having launched in the US earlier this year, is Maybelline's Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation. International beauty writers have been giving people FOMO over this product, so when Maybelline South Africa delivered two samples for me to test out, I was really excited.

For those who are wondering if this foundation formula really does live up to its hype, does, mainly because it's everything that it says it is soft, matte and hydrating.

1 The texture...

Its texture kind of reminds me of a mix of melted chocolate and mousse it's soft, light and blends effortlessly over skin. It's also thick and smooth enough for you to apply it with your fingertips without it leaving any fingerprints over your coverage, but only do this when concealing small areas like underneath your eyes, between your brows and around your nose.

2 The 'feel'...

Nowadays, all foundations have hydrating properties but Dream Velvet is the first foundation I've tried where I could actually feel the added moisture as I applied it to my skin.  It's like a cool sensation that eventually sets as you blend the foundation. I think what bloggers overseas enjoy about this product is that you can layer it as thick as possible and it'll still feel as if you don't have anything on it's not heavy at allwhich is quite surprising, as most of us assume cream foundations to be just that heavy.

3 The pigments...

They're very strong; I was actually quite shocked. I have a bit of pigmentation around my face it's light but noticeable and this foundation concealed it completely. Even my friend Gemma Shepherd, who photographed the stills for this post, noted that it gave my skin 'an airbrushed appearance' those were her exact words folks, and that's from someone who hadn't even tried the foundation herself.

*The foundation shades I'm holding above are 'caramel' (on the right) and 'coconut' (on the left).

How I applied it (step-by-step)...

1. I started off by cleansing and moisturising my skin, and then I applied makeup primer.
2. Next, I colour-corrected. I used orange lipstick to neutralise my undereye circles and the pigmentation on the corners of my mouth.

3. I then blended the lighter foundation shade (caramel) over my entire face and used the dark foundation shade (coconut) to contour my forehead, nose and cheeks.

4. I finished off by softening my contours with a blending sponge and then enhanced and sealed them with some dark brown eye shadow.
5. The last step was powdering the rest of my face, just to keep the makeup in place.

I took four selfies, each in a room or area that had different light just so you could see how amazing this foundation's coverage and pigments are.

Notice how much more defined my nose is once I contoured it with the 'coconut' foundation shade. Also, look at the finish even though it's a matte foundation, it still has a slight dewiness to it which you can see in the first selfie.

Beauty tip: If you want to give your face makeup a little glimmer, dab some highlighting powder over the tip of your nose, brow bone and also above your cheek contours. I used NYX's Face and Body Illuminator in 'Ritualistic.'

Maybelline's Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundations are R139.95 each and are available at Clicks and Dischem.

*Side note: please ignore my incredibly bushy eyebrows; I've been growing them out for eight months after an intense threading obsession that resulted in me having brows that were far too skinny for my exceptionally round face.

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