2 Unusual Ways to Make Use of Your Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

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One thing I've learnt while working in the beauty industry is that most makeup products offer a lot more than their primary function. A few examples I can think of at the top of my head...
  • Clean mascara brushes or spoolies, which also make incredible lip scrubs.
  • Shimmery pink lipsticks, which when blended over the apples of your cheeks, create a radiant flush of colour similar to that of an illuminating cream blush. 
  • That eye shadow you dropped on the floor last week can be mixed with a little Duraline liquid or some lip cream to create your own DIY liner or lipstick. 
Most of the time ideas like this come into mind when I'm on a super-tight makeup budget. This usually forces me to find other ways to create a beauty style or look when I can't afford the necessary tools.

A hack I've been using quite a lot lately is brown eye shadow as contouring powder.

Something all makeup-wearers should know: muted dark-brown eye shadows in matte finishes are your friends. Find the perfect one and it'll be the only thing you need to sculpt and define your cheekbones and nose. 

What I mean by 'muted' is a dark-brown eye shadow that has a neutral base, in other words one that doesn't have an undertone. When applied over and around your features, a muted brown eye shadow will mimic the appearance of natural facial shadows, leaving you with realistic contours.

Below I used a dark-brown eye shadow called M1 from SMASHBOX's Full Exposure Palette to contour my friend Gemma's cheekbones. 

This eye shadow is also great for contouring your nose. Just apply it vertically down the sides of your nose with a small blending brush to create an instant slimming effect. 

Another great way to make use of your neutral eye shadow palette? 
Mix your brown and black shades to create your own brow powder, and use this to shape, define and fill in your brow hairs.


SMASHBOX's Full Exposure Palette is R995 at Red Square.
The contouring brush I used above is BEAUTIQUE's Face Contour Brush, which is R59.95 at Red Square.

*Beauty stills photographed by Gemma Mary Shepherd / IG: @gemmamaryshepherd / See her website HERE.

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