Rimmel Has One of The Best Budget-Friendly Primers Right Now

3:59:00 PM

I've always been skeptical of primers that are under or around R100 cause 1. I'm a makeup snob sometimes and 2. Some of the best-quality primers I've used in the past had me forking out at least R250 each. But I've always been a huge fan of Rimmel's makeup products if you haven't tried their Kate Moss nude lipsticks yet, I'm low-key judging you so I had to give their new Fix & Protect Makeup Primer a try, and I will admit, I've never been this surprised by a product in awhile.


Before I got to the primer, I cleansed and moisturised my skin first. What I noticed as I was blending the primer over my face was that it seemed to leave a slightly grey tint on my skin. If this happens to you, don't stress. This will likely occur for everyone, not just darker complexions, because this particular primer contains a very high SPF 25 to be exact, so I wasn't taken aback by the grey tint, as this is usually expected from any formula with a notably high SPF. In terms of texture, it's not greasy at all; it's extremely light and absorbs easily.

Rimmel's Fix & Protect Primer promises to provide 'skin perfecting' properties, and as someone who now literally uses this product on a daily basis, I can certainly vouch this claim. This primer smooths and evens out the texture of your skin, leaving it with a suede finish that reduces any extreme shininess on your face, giving your foundation coverage the perfect amount of luminosity.

As soon as I've finished blending the primer, I apply my foundation, define my contours and seal my makeup with a setting spray and no joke, my makeup does not budge for hours. I've lost count of how many times people have complimented the condition of my foundation, even after 3pm on a disgustingly hot and sweaty day. I always recommend this primer to people with tight beauty budgets, cause it's honestly the reason why my foundation stays put all day.

If you haven't seen this makeup primer before, this is probably because it's a recent launch in South Africa. RIMMEL's Fix & Protect SPF 25 Makeup Primer currently retails for R99.95 and is available at Clicks and Dis-Chem.

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