Who Said You Can't Wear Bright Lips with a Killer Smoky Eye?

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Anyone ever Google the 'dos and don't's' of makeup just out of curiosity and come across a whole lot of makeup rules you don't necessarily agree with?

One rule I've never fully understood is: 'you can never pair a smoky eye with a vibrant lip colour.' Why? Well apparently when applying makeup, only one feature of the face should be the focus  either your eyes or your lips, never both, which I think is ridiculous. Makeup is about breaking the rules people, it wouldn't be fun if we all did the same thing.

Two weeks ago, I entered Rimmel London's #LondonLookSA competition where makeup lovers had to create their own beauty look inspired by London. My choice? A black-and-gold smoky eye paired with an ultra-bright lip shade  it's edgy, modern and stylish  a style I'd wear out on the streets of London.

Here's a summary of the products I wore in the makeup look below:


MEHRON Metallic Powder in 'Gold.'
SAUCEBOX Cosmetics Etude & Creme De La Creme Palette to create the smoky effect.
PALLADIO Glam Intense Super Long Wear Gel Liner in 'Black'
RIMMEL 24HR Super Curler Mascara in 'Black' (R119.95).


Colour-corrected pigmentation and dark under-eye circles with ALILA Corrector Palette (R370).
MEHRON Celebre Pro-HD Foundation.

A little tip? Have you ever applied cream concealer over the bags underneath your eyes and noticed that the purple hue of your dark circles was still showing through the concealer? This is probably because you didn't colour-correct. Always apply a neutralising orange concealer prior to your skin-toned cream concealer. The orange concealer will counteract the purple of your dark circles, and help conceal them entirely. If you don't have an orange concealer, orange lipstick is great to use too.


MAC 'Show Orchid' Lipstick from their PRO Lip Palette / 6 Preferred Pinks topped with MAC Vamplify Lip Gloss.

A little tip? When wearing bright-coloured and glossy lip shades it's important to exfoliate your lips first. A dark lipstick or lip gloss will make chapping or dryness on your lips appear more obvious, which isn't ideal. LUSH Cosmetics has amazing lip scrubs  try their Popcorn flavour (R95), it works incredibly well and tastes like a dream. Also, exfoliating your lips will reduce dryness and provide a much smoother and even lipstick application.


RIMMEL Brow This Way Brow Kit (R80).
SMASHBOX Full Exposure Palette (R995).


Contoured with MEHRON Celebre Pro-HD Foundation and MEHRON Pressed Powder.
Finished off with RIMMEL Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in 'Coral' (R89.95).

End off by sealing your makeup with a finishing spray. I used NYX Cosmetics Matte Finish Setting Spray (available at Clicks).

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