Highlighting or Strobing Products You Have to Try

9:14:00 AM

So I'm sure you've all heard about strobing by now  a makeup technique that's often described as a more exaggerated form of highlighting; so this pretty much entails replacing your contouring shades for illuminating products  mainly pearly-powder and cream highlighters, which are applied to the high planes of your face.

If you don't know what these are, your high planes are:
  1. Your forehead.
  2. Above your cheekbones.
  3. Your brow bones, just below the arches of your brows.
  4. Down the bridge of your nose.
  5. The center of your Cupid's bow.
  6. The center of your chin.
The whole purpose of strobing is to accentuate and enhance your natural features. When done right, this technique can help create a more radiating skin texture with the help of illuminating powders and creams (such as MAC's Strobe Lotion), which together leave your complexion with a porcelain but natural-looking glow.

Products to try, besides MAC's Strobe Lotion...

1. INGLOT AMC Face and Body Illuminator

Available in three shades for fair, medium and dark skin tones. This illuminating cream is applied before your foundation. Doing so will give your features a 'lit-from-within glow' (TheGloss.com), which is ideally how strobing should look like in the end. I apply this particular cream down the bridge of my nose with a flat concealer brush  I used Beautique's Large Concealer Brush (R49.95), which is available at Edgars. I then apply some above my cheekbones, using my fingertips to blend it over my skin. Then I end off by adding a little above my Cupid's Bow, and along my brow bones. I love this product because it doesn't have a dry finish or texture and it blends so easily into your skin. I also love the fact that Inglot's created five shades that accommodate to most skin types, as a lot of highlighting products nowadays come in just a single translucent shade that often leaves a grey tint on darker skin tones. So thank you Inglot, for looking out for everyone.

2. CATRICE Illuminating Highlighter Pen

In terms of colour, Catrice’s highlighting pen is quite similar to Inglot’s illuminator above, but what’s really nice about Catrice’s is that it has a champagne-coloured undertone, making it the perfect highlighting shade for fair skin tones. I love the fact that it comes in the form of a pen – this makes it much easier to apply highlights to smaller features on your face; I usually suggest blending it over the bridge and tip of your nose, brow bones, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. It also has a silky, velvety texture you’ll seriously love.

3. BOBBI BROWN Shimmer Brick Highlighting Powder (Bronze Glow)

I found out this product was discontinued a while ago and I swear I shed a tear, but I'm going to add it to the post anyways because it's one product I stan for guys and girls with darker complexions. What I love about this shimmer brick is how intense the highlighting pigments are, also, the colour is incredible. This shade is literally a perfect gold, making it suitable for mostly tan and dark skin tones. I use it mainly on the cheek area for an intense glow, and I also dab some on the tip of my nose and above my cupid's bow. Its texture is ridiculously smooth; it literally feels like silk, so it applies evenly across your skin. Sadly, it's no longer available in SA, but it is available on the Bobbi Brown US website.

4. ESSENCE Merry Berry Highlighting Powder 

Essence is honestly a brand that deserves a lot more hype in South Africa. If you haven't tried their cream-to-powder highlighters, please do, cause they're so good and their Merry Berry highlighting powder is just as amazing. This is much lighter in texture and shimmer compared to the other highlighters discussed above, making it the perfect product to wear in the daytime. Even though it's a powder, it doesn't leave your skin looking flat once applied  it does create dimension. I love applying this powder to the tip of my nose, cupid's bow, chin and along my brow bones. It just creates the perfect amount of shimmer to highlight small features on your face.


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