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One thing makeup school taught me is that there are a lot more makeup brands in the market that are just as amazing as our usual go-tos: MAC and INGLOT. One brand I was recently introduced to was Manic Panic. Think MAC but on acid - literally the most amazing quality products with ridiculously bright and strong pigments. If you're looking for shadows, lipsticks, lashes and blushes in vibrant colours, Manic Panic should be at the top of your list of brands to try.

American makeup lovers, you guys are incredibly lucky as Manic Panic is based in New York, but for us South Africans there's very few stockists in the country; Anoni Miss and Masque, based in the CBD, are the only stockists of Manic Panic in Cape Town.

Besides their great quality, their products are also affordable. I recently purchased two Manic Panic Lethal Lipsticks and they only cost me around R200 each.

The shades I bought were: 'Helen Wheels' and 'Mystic Heather.'

'Mystic Heather' is a beautiful, warm purple that looks great on pretty much anyone, and the second shade 'Helen Wheels' is a red-based orange hue that's perfect for dark skin tones. The lipsticks have a really strong colour that lasts all day, and an added plus, they smell like vanilla.

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