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If I could create a list of the most common missed steps in women's makeup routines, 'applying primer' would without a doubt be in the top 3. Why? Well there's the assumption that primer is an unnecessary beauty expense that has no miraculous effect on your makeup. I will admit I thought the same a while ago until makeup school forced me to try out primers, and honestly, I hate myself for never trying these sooner.

What are primers and what do they do?

Primers come in the form of cream or gel and are applied after your moisturiser and before your foundation. The purpose of them is to soften and even-out the texture of your skin, so that when your face makeup is applied it'll have a much smoother finish (this means no more visible pores, foundation streaks or dry makeup patches). 

Primers come in unique formulas that cater to distinct skin tones, skin types and sometimes, skin concerns (such as redness). However, all primers usually provide the benefits below:

  1. They smoothen out fine lines.
  2. With the help of your moisturiser, help hydrate significantly dry areas, such as around your nose or between your brows.
  3. They help diminish pores.
  4. Keep excess oil at bay (particularly along the t-zone),
  5. And leave your skin with a dewy texture for your foundation to adhere to. This will sustain your foundation coverage for a lot longer and maintain its flawless finish. 
Have you ever worn foundation and noticed that four hours later it's literally sliding down your face? Well your foundation isn't the problem; the reason why your makeup has 'melted' is because you haven't applied any primer. So next time you out shopping for makeup buys, ask for a sample of primer or ask a friend if you can try some of hers; then clean your face with micellar water, moisturise, add primer, apply foundation and see how your makeup looks halfway through the day. I guarantee you it'll still look good.

The primers above are INGLOT's Makeup Base SPF20 (R349) and Catrice's Prime and Fine (R79.95).

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