How to Achieve a Flawless Skin Makeup Look

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By 'flawless', I mean foundation that has an airbrushed finish to it. When doing this look, the type of foundation you use is really important. You don't want light coverage foundations, as these often don't cover dark areas well (like pigmentation or bags underneath your eyes) so try and go for cream foundations as these have a thicker texture and conceal problem areas really nicely; some foundations like Mehron's are so thick you don't even have to colour-correct before you apply them.

But before you get to your foundation, you need to prep your skin first. That means cleaning and moisturising your skin correctly. I think people underestimate the effect well-moisturised skin can have on your final foundation finish. Apply enough face cream and primer to prep your skin and your foundation will have the most amazing, dewy glow once applied, a glow that literally lasts all day. 

This is how I prep my models' skin when doing a flawless makeup look...
Photography & retouching by SJ van Zyl of Kohl Makeup Academy. Model: Gemma Shepherd.
1. Remove any dirt, oil and makeup on the skin with Bioderma cleansing solution - you can buy this at Clicks for R200. Yes, the price is a little hefty but I promise you it's worth it; literally every MAC makeup artist at Cape Town Fashion Week had one on their table and it lasts for quite awhile. So just soak a cotton pad with Bioderma and it'll remove any dirt, oil and sebum that's on the skin. It's a great, light solution that's perfect for anyone with super-sensitive skin, and it also doesn't consist of any strong fragrances that may aggravate and dry out your skin.

2. Exfoliate the skin with Nip+Fab facial pads. These are amazing; I will stan these exfoliating pads until the end of time. Kylie Jenner, who's actually the brand ambassador of Nip+Fab loves these, and the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner clan have said their fans of these too. Just rub the bumpy side of the pad around your face, focusing on areas that are noticeably dry or flaky, like around your nose, between your brows, the middle of your chin etc. Nip+Fab exfoliating pads are also moisturising thanks to the hyaluronic acid, so your skin won't feel dry once you've used them.

3. MOISTURISE. This is so important. When moisturising pay a lot of attention to any significantly dry areas like around the nose and between the brows. I use two moisturisers: Benzaderm Moisturiser (R95 at Clicks) and Dermalogica's Pure Light SPF50 moisturiser (R990 - THIS PRODUCT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE). I also always tell people to apply nipple cream over really dry areas. Yes, actual nipple cream; once you try it, you'll understand. I usually apply nipple cream on the center of the chin, between the brows and around the nose. It has a very rich texture that provides long-lasting moisture and shine, it literally takes away any noticeable dryness as soon as you apply it. And what I love about it is that it gives your foundation a slightly dewy texture.

4. Colour-correct. Get yourself a colour-correcting concealer wheel like Mehron's Neutralising Wheel. My model had dark under-eye circles so I neutralised these with orange concealer; she also had a bit of redness around the nose, which I corrected with green concealer. For my darker skin models, I colour-correct dark areas like pigmentation with orange or red lipstick, depending on how dark their skin tone is (I'll do a post on this in the future).

4. Foundation. For this look I used Mehron's Celebre Pro-HD foundation (the best sh*t ever); I don't think I can go back to any other cream foundation after using this. The Kardashian's use this foundation too - go look at Mehron's Instagram page if you don't believe me (@mehronmakeup). I use this foundation to highlight and contour as well, blending it into the skin with a beauty blender. For flawless skin, I don't like the skin to look too matte in the end, so I usually just apply translucent powder to the t-zone only (across the forehead and down the nose), where most of us sweat the most. Thereafter, I finish off with setting spray to give my model's face some extra, but light dewiness.

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